I want to thank you for sending "Crazy" out to me on Sunday night. It was a most unexpected and pleasant surprise. In these times when "change" has only authentic meaning to beggars and infants, I found your dedication also inspiring and reinforcing of goodwill. After hearing the song and dedication, I was also somewhat artistically inspired throughout the course of the second set.

So, I developed this idea for a poem. I dedicate it to your band:

Venus Rising

Too many men without hats turn their backs to the West,
An unbecoming history where no messiahs are even born to die young.
Too many listed residents named Howard Jones, unaware of each other,
Unwilling to know each other well and share no new song.
Too many children who cannot sing “ABC”
But assigned lifelong lessons on how to be a millionaire.
Too many naked eyes in search of bargain thrills,
Wallets without humanity; to remind them, though ignored, there is always something there.
Alas, even if they rode the metro to see the statues of Berlin,
Only an amusing anecdote would take their breath away;
Even if an epidemic of missing persons blew in the summer breeze,
Nothing could steal their happiness while walking in L.A.
Where too many Wangs and Chungs buy all the property and pavement
Where too many Howards and Joneses walk to ponder whether there to live and die,
Never thinking once about the men at work
Who sold their dreamy homeland to islanders, Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive,
And all their loverboys who sleep at the House of Representatives,
Like their non-studious subjects, only working for the weekend, white and blue,
All bound together in being unaware of where and for what they spend their day
Or what specifically is a Spandau Ballet.
Therefore, I know this much is true:
Under the circumstances,
Under the pink elephant-sized desert lights,
The best I can do
Is stand and drink, inevitably surmising,
That all that is true
Is alcohol, the art of neon, and Venus Rising.

A thousand thanks again and keep the spirit of great music alive.



I just saw them last night, oh my goodness, They were so Awesome and the lady singer was so fun to watch. They did so many great songs by Pink Floyd, Evanescence, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, and even the Beastie Boys. I had such a great time last night listening to so many great songs. Thank you guys for a wonderful Rocking Night!!

Saw them at the Orleans (in beloved city Vegas.) They are great. Heather is unbelievable and also very sexy, singing multiple genres. Great lead Guitar and the bass. I really liked the Gun N Roses song (I think it was sweet child) ,performed very well by the lead guitar.

This is a MUST SEE on Fremont Street! They played 3 sets of great rock. Don't waste ur money in the casino; come out and see the band!

Everyone's a critic:

My girlfriend and I happened upon the Venus Rising band performing at a lounge in the Venetian while we were vacationing in Vegas. We loved their musical repertoire, tight sound, and Heather's great vocals. So, a year later when we were engaged and planning our California wedding at the Four Seasons, we got in touch with the band, and they were excited to come play at our event. Before the wedding, we discussed everything from room size, stage setup, lighting and sound equipment, and song selection with David, and he worked with us through all the details. It was great having such a professional band leader to work with.

On our big day, the band arrived early and setup all their sound and lighting equipment. They played live piano music that we had selected at our ceremony. At our reception, they played our first dance song, Eternal Flame, which they had learned just for us, exactly like the recording so our choreography worked out perfectly. They played
several sets during our wedding reception including our favorite music from Rihanna, Aerosmith, Norah Jones, Sting, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Pink, the Eurythmics, and much more. They sounded fantastic, had great energy, and got everyone on the dance floor. They worked seamlessly with our wedding planner to MC the wedding and keep the energy high, and even brought a sound guy and DJ with them! Throughout the evening, many guests kept commenting on how good the band was, and where did we ever find them? Towards the end, they took requests from the crowd and knew most of the songs! Looking back on it, we are so happy to have gotten our first choice band which set the tone for our wedding. Thanks, Venus Rising, for making our wedding so special!

Michael & Susan
Palo Alto, California


Saw ya'll in Vegas Labor Day weekend !!

just wanted to say Hello and that we had a great time listening to ya'll !!!
you had given me yr last card from yr wallet ( you probably don't remember ) understandably !!?
Went on to the website , pretty cool , did not know Heather was from Buffalo , so am I , have been gone for may years though!!
Wish ya'll could come out to our coast , but probably no chance of that huh ?? North Carolina is a pretty neat place to live , beach on one end, mountains on the other . I prefer the beach myself !!!
Well, will let you go , sure yr pretty busy , so have fun on Freemont street tonight ( saw ya'lls shedule ) !!
May God Bless you all and good luck to you Eden , maybe someday we will come back and see ya'll again !!!


We were in Vegas in late April. While we had vacationed in Vegas once before, we did not make it to the Fremont Street area the first trip. On our trip last April, we happened to end near the stage where Venus Rising was playing and it really made the night for us! We were so impressed with the band that we changed our plans and came back the next night specifically because we liked the band so much. Venus Rising played lots of 80's to current rock songs and Heather is such agreat singer and equally as talented were the rest of the band members. Thank you for making our vacation even more enjoyable and memorable.

Greg StaylorChesapeake, Virginia


Opportunity Village 2008 O-Vino Wine Tasting Event, August 23, 2008

Opportunity Village was extremely pleased to partner up with Venus Rising for our 2008 O-Vino Wine Tasting. As this was our second year for this event, we wanted to make some changes and be able to provide our guests with more "bang for the buck" - having Venus Rising perform was a great way to do that. The crowd completely enjoyed the music. As a not-for-profit group, Opportunity Village provides vocational training, employment placement and other very important programs to people with disabilities. Events like O-Vino help us raise the money we need to be able to operate these programs. Venus Rising very generously donated their time and talent to allow us to take this event to a new level and raise even more money that last year. We are extremely grateful for their support and look forward to working with them in the future.

Holly Spoor | Resource Development DirectorOpportunity Village